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Helpful resources, tools and more that make donor-advised funds easy.

At the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, we make it easier for you to help meet your clients' charitable giving goals with donor-advised funds and other types of charitable giving accounts.

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Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Fund Toolkit
This toolkit has all the information you and your clients need to set up a donor-advised fund, including donor-advised fund basics, best practices for contributing to donor-advised funds, and tax strategies for charitable giving.

Donor-Advised Funds – Your Charitable Giving Account
How donor-advised funds work.
Why choose a donor-advised fund over a private foundation?

Comparison Chart: Private Foundations vs. Donor-Advised Funds
This helpful chart will aid you and your clients in deciding whether to establish a donor-advised fund or a private foundation.

Donor-Advised Fund Agreement
Your clients will use this form to establish a fund.

Update a Donor-Advised Fund Form
Your clients will use this form to make changes to their fund.

Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Agreement
Clients who own businesses can use this form to establish a corporate foundation.

Video Tutorial: How to Access Your Fund Online

Donor-Advised Fund Grant Guidelines
Helpful tips for using a charitable giving account.

Administrative Fees

Set Up Another Type of Fund

Designated Fund Agreement
Your clients will use this form to establish a designated fund.

Scholarship Funds
Your clients can establish a fund that provides scholarships to students.

Scholarship Fund Agreement
Your clients will use this form to establish a scholarship fund.

Agency Funds
Nonprofit organizations can use agency funds to build long-term assets and serve as a home for reserve funds.

Agency Fund Agreement
Representatives from a nonprofit organization can use this form to establish an agency fund.

Contributing to a Community Foundation Fund

Contributing to a Fund
Consider assets beyond cash.

Giving Complex Assets

Giving Real Estate

Donate Real Estate Form
Your clients can use this form to donate real estate.

Giving Privately Held Business Interests

Donate a Privately Held Business Interest Form
Your clients can use this form to donate business interests.

Investments and Financial Advisor Program

Investment Recommendation Form
Your clients can use this form to change their fund’s investments.

Manage Your Clients' Charitable Assets
How our financial advisor investment program works, including steps to get started.

Financial Advisor Program Guidelines

Impact Investing
Your clients can use their fund's assets for private impact investments and recoverable grants.

ESG Investments
Information about ESG options within the Community Foundation's investment pools.

Tax Strategies for Charitable Giving

Donate and Replace

Bunching Donations in Donor-Advised Funds

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

Retirement Account Giving Strategies

Gift Calculators

Engaging with Your Clients

Charitable Solutions for Your Clients
We offer a comprehensive platform of charitable tools beyond donor-advised funds, and we can help you and your clients explore all options.

Create Your Charitable Legacy
Questions you can ask clients as you help them sustain their charitable legacy through a donor-advised fund.

Use a Charitable Fund Now and Beyond Your Lifetime
Donor-advised funds offer several easy options that allow your clients to give now or later.

Your Philanthropic Legacy
We can help your clients document and accomplish their philanthropic plans now and after their lifetime. Short case studies illustrate the many options available.

Giving as a Family
Ideas your clients can use to involve multiple generations in their charitable giving.

Giving Guide
Your clients can use this toolkit to develop strategies for their giving.

How to Talk Giving
Ideas for starting charitable conversations with your clients.

In-Depth Resources

Advising Across Generations
Download our recommended talking points for discussing donor-advised funds and charitable legacies with your clients.

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