Corporate Giving to Disaster Relief

Make a united, company-wide effort to help those affected by a disaster.

When disaster strikes locally or internationally, your company can respond immediately by collecting and distributing donations. Getting those donations quickly into the hands of those who need them most is essential.

The Community Foundation helps make that possible by providing an online option for donating to your company's disaster relief fund.

Pull together as a team for disaster relief.

Working together for a cause brings employees together and makes them feel good for helping others suffering from a disaster. Every day, the Community Foundation helps companies and their employees make a positive impact in Kansas City and throughout the world in times of need and when disasters strike.

Have questions? We're here to help.

If you would like to speak with a Community Foundation representative about establishing a disaster relief fund, contact LaVon Colhour at or 816.627.3400.

Interested in establishing a disaster relief fund?

We can help your company to respond quickly to tragic events by collecting donations in a disaster relief fund.