Your Investment Options & Investment Pool Performance

Invest your charitable assets to meet your charitable goals.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation's investment program offers the flexibility to customize how your charitable assets are invested to meet your charitable goals, whether they are intermediate or long term.

There are two ways to participate.

Option 1: Have Your Trusted Financial Advisor Manage Your Fund

If your fund's assets will exceed $100,000, you can benefit from custom investment management by an advisor you already know and trust. If this option is right for you, simply put us in touch with your financial advisor and our team will take care of the rest.


Option 2: Select an Investment Mix Using the Community Foundation's Investment Pools

The Community Foundation’s investment pools allow you to match your investment strategy with your risk tolerance and long-term objectives for your fund. The pools are organized according to asset class and include the following: Money Market, Short-Term Fixed Income, Intermediate-Term Fixed Income, Domestic Equity and International Equity.

Want to learn more about our investment pools? Read our FAQs.

Investment Mix Options

Select or Change Your Investments

You may change your investment mix as often as you like. Mix changes submitted during the month will be implemented at the beginning of the following month.

There are two ways to change your investment options:

Investment Performance

The responsibility for managing the Community Foundation's investment program is vested in our Board of Directors through the Investment Committee. This committee works closely with staff and the Community Foundation's investment advisors to set policy, establish performance benchmarks and monitor performance. The investment pool percentages in the mix options may change from time to time upon Investment Committee review.

For recent investment performance reports, click to download the following PDFs. The investment performance summary is updated monthly, and the investment performance supplemental report is updated quarterly.

Investment Performance Summary - June 2022

Investment Performance Supplemental Report - 2nd Quarter 2022