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Making the Most of Your Donor-Advised Fund

Get to know the Community Foundation and all the ways you can use your donor-advised fund during this on-demand webinar.

Recorded and Current as of July 2023

Accessing Your Fund Online

You can use our online portal to view your fund activity and request grants to nonprofits.

Access Your Fund Online Hints and Tips→

Your Guide to Grantmaking through a Donor-Advised Fund

Grantmaking 101

What does it mean to be a grantmaker, and what does it look like from a donor-advised fund?

Involving Family and the Next Generation In Your Giving

Our philanthropic advisors share ways you can involve others in your philanthropic journey.

Granting Beyond Your Lifetime

Hear how successor advisors can ensure your charitable intent is passed along after your lifetime.

Philanthropy Built on a Foundation of Trust

Learn about the principles of trust-based philanthropy and actions philanthropists can implement to create more trusting relationships with nonprofits.

Granting with a Racial Equity Framework

Hear ways you can make forward-moving change in racial equity through your philanthropy.

Your Guide to Complex Asset Gifts

Introducing Your Guide to Complex Asset Gifts

President and CEO Debbie Wilkerson shares how we can help you quickly and easily donate complex assets.

Exploring Private Business Interest Gifts: Key Considerations

General Counsel Corey Ziegler shares key considerations for donating privately held business interests to a donor-advised fund.

Business Interests: Your Guide to Donating

Hear our process for accepting gifts of private business interests to donor-advised funds.

Donating Real Estate

Senior Vice President of Finance Katie Gray shares considerations for donating a gift of real estate to a charitable fund.

Corporate Giving Conversations with our Philanthropic Experts

How does a corporate donor-advised fund work?

Hear how a corporate donor-advised fund can help your company fulfill its philanthropic mission.

Corporate Donor-Advised Fund vs. Private Foundation

Learn about the differences between a corporate donor-advised fund and a private foundation.

Why should your company partner with the Community Foundation?

Hear why companies choose us to be their partner in corporate philanthropy.

Expand Your Company's Giving

Hear how companies expand their corporate philanthropy programs beyond donor-advised funds through matching gifts, grant competitions, strategic planning assistance and volunteering.

Build Employee Engagement

Hear creative ways companies have utilized our corporate giving services to build employee engagement.