Employee Matching Gift Programs

The employee benefit that keeps giving, year after year.

Adding a matching gift program to your company’s benefits package shows your employees that you care about what they care about. A matching gift is a charitable donation that is tied to a separate contribution to the same nonprofit by another donor, in this case your employee. Since the prospect of a matching gift encourages donations, many companies offer matching gift programs to motivate employee contributions to nonprofits.

Matching Gifts: The 'Why' for the Human Resources Department

You know the value of attracting and retaining a contemporary workforce. A robust benefits package often includes more intangible offerings that appeal to a new generation of employees. Matching gift programs say a lot about your company’s commitment to your community and to your employees. Best of all, matching gift programs from the Community Foundation are easy to establish and manage for businesses of all sizes.

Matching Gifts: The 'Why' for the CEO, Business Owner or Entrepreneur

You love to give. That we know. You may have an existing foundation, donor-advised fund or a number of other corporate giving initiatives. If you haven’t explored the benefits of adding a matching gift program, now is the time to do so. A new generation of employees has demonstrated their preference for brands with a philanthropic mindset. Giving back to the community is good for everyone. When you establish a matching gift program for your employees, you show an unwavering commitment to philanthropy and to your workforce.

Expand Your Company's Giving

Hear how companies expand their corporate philanthropy programs beyond donor-advised funds through matching gifts.

How It Works

    Company sets up a corporate donor-advised fund and determines match guidelines.

    Employees log on to our employee giving portal and submit match requests.

    We review requests and send approved matching gifts to charities.

Employees feel more engaged with the company and the charity.

Interested in a corporate donation match program?

We can help you build a custom program that matches donations of time or money, and our web-based software makes it easy for employees to increase their charitable impact.