Donor Education Programs

Join us to hear from experts on how to make the most of your giving.

Please note that donor education programs are open only to Community Foundation donors, their families and advisors. We also welcome wealth managers, financial planners, accountants, insurance professionals, attorneys and other advisors working with philanthropic clients to join us at our learning opportunities.

Conversations to Inspire Your Philanthropy

Whether you are an experienced philanthropist, new to your journey, or looking to reset your priorities in a new phase of life, our Conversations to Inspire Your Philanthropy can get you brainstorming about your philanthropy. Choose from a variety of topics and pass along the invitation to your family members or anyone involved in your philanthropy.

Are you interested in a private session covering one or more of these topics? Book a session with a philanthropic advisor today.

Are you a representative from a wealth management firm or family office? We offer customized sessions covering these topics for your peers and clients on an individual, family or group level.

See our virtual opportunities offered through Greater Horizons.

Storytelling and Story Keeping
October 24 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. at Our Office
Exercise your storytelling and listening muscles. You will be guided through a series of participatory prompts that will help you get comfortable with your own storytelling, helping you convey your philanthropic journey to the next generation.
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Creating Your Philanthropic Vision
November 16 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at Our Office
Clarify your goals and construct a plan for your philanthropic journey. We will explore the gifts of time, talent, treasure and ties while creating a vision and timeline that begins now and extends to your philanthropic legacy. 
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Exploring Personal Values
Stay tuned for future sessions. Don't want to wait? Book a session with a philanthropic advisor.
Explore your personal values and how they influence your generosity. You will be guided through a series of participatory exercises that will help you begin to chart your philanthropy to align with your values. 
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Inspiring Generosity through the Generations
Stay tuned for future sessions. Don't want to wait? Book a session with a philanthropic advisor.
Shine a spotlight on where your family glows and has room to grow when practicing generosity inside your family unit and out in our community. You will be guided through a presentation and participatory exercises that will show you best practices for how to be more intentional when actively influencing children and teens to grow goodness around them.
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Seeing the Impact of Philanthropy in Our Community

An Evening Out at the Englewood Arts District
September 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. Come and go as you please!
Join us for an evening out in Independence, where we’ll explore the transformation of historic Englewood, including seeing and learning about its focus on community input, affordable housing and the arts.
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Behind-the-Scenes at the Kansas City Museum
October 25 from 4 to 7 p.m. Come and go as you please!
Celebrate Kansas City's vibrant history, cultural heritage and pride at the Kansas City Museum. Attendees will enjoy a private tour of Corinthian Hall and yet-to-be renovated buildings on the property, and learn about what is next in line for their expansive restoration and renovation project.
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