Set Up an Agency Fund and Build a Sustainable Financial Future

The many advantages of an agency fund.

An agency fund helps nonprofit organizations build long-term assets and serves as a home for reserve funds. Nonprofits that have agency funds enjoy low-cost investment options and third-party oversight of their assets. Plus, nonprofit staff can access our expertise by connecting with our philanthropic advisors.

How an Agency Fund Works:

  1. Quickly and easily set up an agency fund with one simple document.
  2. Choose how to invest the fund's assets.
  3. The Community Foundation receives contributions from the agency to the fund, and the Foundation processes grants from the fund back to the agency.
  4. Staff and volunteers who oversee the agency's finances can view the fund balance, contributions and grants 24/7 through an online donor portal.

To set up an agency fund, download and complete our Agency Fund Agreement PDF form and return to

If you would like to speak with a Community Foundation representative to guide you through the process, contact Philanthropic Advisor Nicole Stuke at or 816.627.3404.


Interested in opening an agency fund?

If your organization has long-term assets to invest, we can help.