Impact Investing: Another Way to Create Change

Consider private investments and recoverable grants to make a greater impact.

Grants are critical for the nonprofits doing the work you care about, but you now have more ways to make an impact with your fund's assets.

Working in partnership with CapShift, a leading provider of impact investing solutions, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation has created a menu of private impact investments and recoverable grant opportunities. Because these are longer-term commitments, we have limited these options to funds with assets of $500,000 or more.

Private Impact Investments

The private impact investment opportunities focus on areas such as the environment, housing, education, and the Greater Kansas City community. They are intended to complement the more liquid components of your charitable portfolio. This approach allows you to provide impact-focused capital to organizations working to drive long-term, systemic change.

Recoverable Grants

If you want to grow your impact and stretch your dollars, you might consider a recoverable grant to complement your grantmaking strategy. A recoverable grant is just what it sounds like – a high-impact grant that can potentially be recovered back to your fund. You provide support to a nonprofit to fund specific revenue-generating programs and initiatives. If the nonprofit achieves its goals, the organization then returns the money to your fund for further grantmaking.

If you don’t see an opportunity on the menu that resonates, no problem! You can propose impact opportunities that drive the change you seek to make.

How to Get Started

If your fund meets the minimum balance requirement, contact Donor Services at or 816.842.7444 to request access to our impact investment menu, or visit