Nonprofit Webinar

An Insider's Look at Donor-Advised Funds and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Whether you’re stepping into our nonprofit community for the first time or have been dedicated to the work for years, we want to help you and your colleagues understand the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s role in Kansas City’s philanthropic landscape.

During this insider’s look, you will learn about who we are, what we do and the resources we provide to our philanthropic community. We cover:

  • The Community Foundation and its Role in the Philanthropic Ecosystem
  • Donor-Advised Funds
    How they work, helpful tips, common misconceptions
  • How Nonprofits Can Invest Using an Agency Fund
  • Nonprofit Resources
    Research destinations, available grants and funding

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Additional Q&A from the Webinar

Below are answers to several questions that were asked during the webinar. If you have any outstanding questions, please email

How can my organization connect with donors who have donor-advised funds?
The exciting news is, it's the same way you connect with all your donors and potential donors! Think of a donor-advised fund like an additional bucket from which your donors can give from. Consider asking your existing donors if they’ve already established a donor-advised fund and would consider supporting your organization through their charitable fund.

How can donors use donor-advised funds to cover event costs?
You can structure your sponsorship opportunities to allow for donor-advised fund support. There are a few rules to keep in mind, especially about tickets, tables, sponsorships, raffles and auctions. See our Donor-Advised Fund FAQs for nonprofits for more information and examples.

If my organization received a grant check from a donor at the Community Foundation, can we connect with the donor it is from?
Absolutely! If the donor is not anonymous and included their contact information on their grant check, we encourage you to connect with the donor directly. As a reminder, since the donor already received a tax deduction when contributing to their donor-advised fund, you do not need to send us or the donor a charitable tax receipt.

How can my organization figure out if we’ve received grant checks from donors at the Community Foundation?
See our sample grant check, so you know what our grant checks look like. Donors often include their contact information on their grant checks, which allows you to add them to your database. We can also provide you with a grant history report, which you can request here.

Do donors at the Community Foundation use their donor-advised funds to support specific causes or interest areas?
Yes! Sometimes donors share this information with our team and sometimes they do not. Our team works hard to stay updated on projects, campaigns and needs in our community to pass along to donors who work closely with our philanthropic advisors to give from their donor-advised fund.

Where can I find information on companies that match employees’ giving?
Check out Charity Navigator’s database of companies that match employees’ giving.

My organization would like to add information to our website about receiving donor-advised fund grants. What organizations do a good job at this?
For local examples, see the Kansas City Zoo and City Union Mission. For national examples, see Save the Children and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Does the Community Foundation set a percentage of payout each year?
The Community Foundation as a whole does not have a payout requirement, and individual funds are not required to grant a certain amount each year. Our donor-advised fund payout rate has hovered around 17% for the past few years. For comparison, private foundations are required to pay out 5% each year, which is often a ceiling, not a floor.

Can donors at the Community Foundation use their donor-advised funds to support my organization that is not a 501(c)(3) but has a fiscal agent?
Donors can only request grants to 501(c)(3) public charities. If your fiscal agent is a 501(c)(3), donors can absolutely request grants to that organization for support of their work with your organization.

How does my organization create a profile on GuideStar Local?
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