Our Philanthropic Advising Services for Your Clients

Use philanthropy to connect with your clients and engage their next generation

As a financial advisor, accountant or attorney, you work hard to build trusted relationships with your clients. But what about their next generations? Children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren are eager to learn about their families’ histories, priorities and values. Connecting with clients’ families now can help ensure you continue to work with future generations after a wealth transfer.

You can strengthen your relationships with clients and their children and grandchildren by facilitating meaningful conversations among family members about their charitable goals. Our philanthropic advisors are here to be a resource as you create plans that empower your clients to make a lasting impact as a family unit.

Our philanthropic advising services available to you and your clients

Your clients who have charitable funds at the Community Foundation can enjoy free, consultative services to expand their philanthropy.

You and your clients have access to our team of philanthropic advisors who can:

  • Help identify, research and make connections with nonprofit organizations.
  • Provide guidance on grantmaking best practices.
  • Facilitate discussions to think through values, priorities and goals.
  • Offer custom charitable legacy plans.

These services also include educational opportunities such as deep dives on charitable landscapes, exploratory exercises to discover and reaffirm how giving aligns with our deeply held values, invitations to exclusive events, and much more.

Helping your clients document their philanthropic plans for now and beyond their lifetimes

We can help your clients articulate their charitable goals and priorities during their lifetime to ensure their philanthropic legacy follows their intentions after they’re gone. Your clients can work with us to document their future plans for their giving, which can complement their existing estate plans. This may include the following:

  • Specific organizations they want to support
  • Interest areas that they care about, like education, health care or the environment
  • Geographic areas where they’d like their giving concentrated
  • Absolutes or more stringent guidelines for their giving
  • A timeline for their giving, which may be indefinitely or for a set number of years

Read our short case studies that illustrate how we can help your clients document and accomplish their philanthropic plans now and after their lifetime.

Working in partnership to serve your charitable clients

Whether your clients are looking for a deep dive or a quick solution, we can work together to serve your charitable clients in several ways.

You know your clients best. You might have clients who want to engage multiple generations in a discussion of values and influences. Or, they might want a quick roadmap and solution. We can provide both, and our level of involvement is completely up to you.

We invite you to take advantage of these services alongside your clients to further strengthen those relationships. A 2014 Vanguard study found that 95% of children will not retain their parents’ financial advisor after receiving their inheritance. You can help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals and increase the likelihood of retaining their family’s business by sharing these opportunities with them.

There’s no cost for this service. All of it is included in the administrative fee your clients’ pay for their funds. Do you and your clients want to connect with a philanthropic advisor? Reach out to our professional advisor services team at advisorservices@growyourgiving.org or 816.842.8139 to take a deeper dive.


Interested in learning more about our philanthropic advising services?

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