About the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

From $200 collected in 1978 to managing over $5 billion today.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is one of the most well-respected, knowledgeable leaders on charitable giving in the nation. We make giving convenient and efficient for donors through donor-advised funds and other types of charitable giving accounts that maximize and organize giving.


The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Greater Kansas City by increasing charitable giving, educating and connecting donors to community needs they care about, and leading on critical community issues.

History and Today

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s founders passed a hat in 1978, collecting $200 and some change. Thereafter, the Community Foundation grew from an extraordinary idea: Charitable giving should be the responsibility of many, not just a select few.

Driven to improve the metropolitan area, the Community Foundation has become one of the largest and most entrepreneurial public charities of its kind. In the 1990s, our innovative spirit led us to become the first and only charity to receive, hold and, in 2000, sell a major league sports team – the Kansas City Royals. In 2004, we created Greater Horizons to serve those who wish to use our services under a national entity.

Today the Community Foundation:

  • Manages more than $5 billion in assets.
  • Houses more than 6,500 charitable funds established by individuals, families and businesses to support the charitable causes that are important to them.
  • Has provided more than $6 billion in grants since its inception.
  • Ranks in the top one percent of more than 900 community foundations in the country in terms of total assets, gifts and grants.

By partnering with the Community Foundation, donors receive the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity combined with the personal recognition, involvement and flexibility of a private foundation. Donors also gain access to the highest level of strategic thinking on ways to meet their communities’ challenges.

We Believe

We believe in extraordinary service to donors and the joy and good that comes from charitable giving.

We are Committed to Diversity

As the community's foundation, we are committed to promoting equity and inclusion throughout the region we serve, and it is our obligation to model diversity and focus the community conversation on racial equity.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is a proud partner in the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative, working to educate the public about the vital role that community foundations play in their communities.

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