Inspiring Generosity on Grandparent’s Day

Sarah NavranIndividual & Family Giving

Grandparent’s Day is dedicated to honoring grandparents and their meaningful role in families. Every year, this holiday reminds us to take the time to recognize the undeniable impact grandparents have on our lives. Oftentimes, grandparents are caregivers, teachers and mentors for families. They can also be the best playmates, adventure buddies and advice-givers.

At the Community Foundation, we have helped many grandparents share the magic of charitable giving with their children and grandchildren. This intergenerational approach to family philanthropy strengthens bonds and creates a legacy of positive change. On this Grandparent’s Day, we invite all grandparents to think about how your family can work together to make an impact. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Volunteer as a Family on Vacation
One way to demonstrate your commitment to charitable causes is by volunteering as a family. Since extended families often live all over the country, it may be challenging to come together in one spot. We’ve seen families give back in big ways when gathering for holidays, annual vacations and family reunions away from home. Whether picking up trash along the beach or walking dogs at the local animal shelter, this practice creates lasting memories surrounded by those who matter most.

Instead of Presents, Make Donations to Charity
When celebrating birthdays, instead of or in addition to giving presents, allow your loved ones to make a grant from your donor-advised fund to a charitable organization they care about. We’ve heard from many that this is a great opportunity to have a conversation with grandchildren about the nonprofits they interact with regularly (libraries, schools, hospitals, arts organizations, community centers etc.) so they can learn more about the important role these organizations play in our daily lives. Getting to watch your grandchildren select a cause that resonates with them and seeing their choice transform into meaningful action is a beautiful way to celebrate each birthday.

Give the Gift of Giving
Many grandparents desire to ignite their grandchildren’s generous spirits. We’ve helped many grandparents establish donor-advised funds for their children and grandchildren to encourage philanthropy in the next generation. When grandchildren are celebrating college graduations, marriages or other major milestones, consider gifting them their own donor-advised fund. This gesture empowers the next generation to take the reins of their own personal giving while also acknowledging the grandparents that guided them there. This opens the door for families to have meaningful conversations about vital community needs, transformative projects and shared philanthropic aspirations.

Grandparent’s Day is an excellent opportunity to gather your loved ones to discuss the causes close to your hearts and the change your family can create. Our Conversations to Inspire Your Philanthropy can help you dive into the roots of your giving, igniting a path toward more meaningful philanthropy in the future. Contact our philanthropic advisors at or 816.842.0944 to learn more.