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Leveraging Complex Assets for Good with Donor-Advised Funds

Sarah NavranIndividual & Family Giving, Professional Advisors

Often when we consider charitable giving, we first think of giving cash or stock. Yet, for many philanthropists, the bulk of their wealth lies in other types of assets, like investments in real estate or private businesses. Sometimes, grassroots or smaller charities aren’t equipped to receive gifts of appreciated assets. This is where donor-advised funds can shine, allowing philanthropists to …

Charitable Solutions for Business Owners: Greater Impact, Fewer Worries

breiby@growyourgiving.orgCommunity Foundation News, Corporate Charitable Giving, Professional Advisors

If you own a private company, you might have a long list of things that keep you up at night. After you tick through budgets, employees, customers and competitors, is your exit strategy at the bottom of the list? If you’re not a late-night worrier, maybe you spend your nights dreaming of retirement, knowing that you’re working hard now to …