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With Giving Numbers Down in 2022, Donor-Advised Fund Giving Still on the Rise

Sarah NavranIndividual & Family Giving

Despite a decline in overall charitable giving (according to Giving USA), inflation, and a challenging year for U.S. financial markets, the 2023 Donor-Advised Fund Report compiled by National Philanthropic Trust, shows donor-advised funds continued to be one of the most reliable funding sources for charitable organizations. Grants from donor-advised funds have grown every year since 2009 and more than doubled …

Fueling Nonprofit Success: The Role of Donor-Advised Funds

Sarah NavranCommunity Foundation News

Here at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, we regularly establish all types of charitable funds for individuals, families, companies and even charities. What’s the most popular charitable vehicle we encounter? It’s easily the donor-advised fund. These funds make up more than half of our assets and the majority of our annual contribution and grant totals. Our donors choose to …

Endowments and the Intersection of Trust-Based Philanthropy: Investment Options for Nonprofits with Long-Term Goals

breiby@growyourgiving.orgCommunity Foundation News

Fundraising is not easy. To our friends in development roles at nonprofits in Kansas City and across the country, we see you and applaud the critical work you do to ensure charities have the resources to help make our world a better place. We understand that your priority is likely procuring donations for the current fiscal year. As you consider …