Notes for Life Music Scholarship Fund (K-12)

Established in memory of Gabriel J. Watkins, who said "I truly believe that we all need music and that there are people out there who have something stopping them from receiving music education, whether it's a financial, physical, or mental disability." This scholarship opportunity supports individuals of all ages who are pursing instrumental music, voice and dance education and would not be able to participate without this support.

The individuals eligible for assistance must:

  • Currently reside in Boone County or St. Louis County in Missouri, or Klamath County, Oregon;
  • Intend to pursue development of an instrumental music, voice or dance talent;
  • Demonstrate financial need; and
  • Submit a scholarship application on a form provided by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation | Greater Horizons.

Primary consideration will be given to financial need. Additional considerations may also be given to the individual’s expressed interest in music, voice or dance instruction, their educational potential, and work and community service record.

Scholarships support the monthly cost of developing a specific instrumental music, voice or dance talent for one year. Awards will be distributed monthly upon receipt of proof of participation from the recipient and instructor. Funds will be paid directly to the instructor. Recipients must continue to make educational progress within their chosen area of music, voice or dance instruction to be eligible to continue to receive the scholarship each month.

Amount: Minimum of $50 per month ($600 per year). Not to exceed $85 per month ($1,020 per year).

Application Deadline: August 1


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