Resources for Donors

The Community Foundation aims to support giving of all kinds, making charitable giving fun, meaningful and rewarding for charitable givers of all ages and demographics.

Watch a video tutorial on using our online donor portal, where you can view your fund activity and suggest grants to nonprofits. 

Visit the Community Foundation’s Giving Blog for charitable giving stories, news and ideas. Listen to the Grow Your Giving Podcast where we discuss philanthropic topics to help you enjoy giving more. 

The Community Foundation also holds several events throughout the year to encourage donors in their giving. Whether you want to encourage your children to start giving back, or you’re looking to network with other charitable givers, we can offer programs that take your giving to the next level. Read about the Community Foundation’s Donor Education Programs.

To help donors become more strategic givers, the Community Foundation created a Giving Guide. The Giving Guide will lead you through exercises that will help you review your past giving, identify your interest areas, define your values and create a giving plan. Download a PDF of the Giving Guide.

Access in-depth information on hundreds of local nonprofit organizations using the Community Foundation's Nonprofit Search

Resources for Nonprofits

The Community Foundation has granted more than $4 billion to nonprofit organizations in Kansas City and beyond throughout its history. But we cannot take all the credit. The vast majority of our grants are driven by our donors. These are individuals, families and companies making grants from their funds to the organizations and causes that are important to them.

Some of our donors look to the Community Foundation for assistance administering competitive grants for nonprofit organizations. In addition, the Community Foundation administers a number of competitive grants for external foundations. See all of the Community Foundation’s Competitive Grant Opportunities.

Many nonprofits work with the Community Foundation to establish agency funds, a fund set up by a charity to benefit the specific charity. Learn more about agency funds and how your organization can build long-term assets, establish a home for reserve funds, and enjoy low-cost investment options and third-party oversight of assets.

Resources for Students

The Community Foundation administers a wide variety of scholarship funds, offering assistance to support students in the following areas:

  • Pre-K through 12
  • Collegiate Undergraduate
  • Collegiate Graduate
  • Extracurricular Activities

See all of the Community Foundation’s Scholarship Opportunities.