Unexpected Encounters: An Exhibit of Generosity

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Giving back to your community comes in many forms. Some donate their time by volunteering, while others give charitable assets to specific causes or organizations. This summer, visitors to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art experienced the generosity of donors through Unexpected Encounters, an exhibit highlighting works of art gifted to the museum by generous donors within the past nine years.

As a whole, the museum’s collection includes more than 41,000 objects, and donations have played a significant role in the growing collection. The museum chose to honor these donations by displaying donated artwork that was hand-picked by museum curators. The exhibit presented over 250 works of art, including sculptures, photographs, paintings and digital art.

The museum invited visitors to, “come see what generosity looks like.” While the beauty of the artwork was spectacular, it was magnified by the knowledge that philanthropists generously shared their art and resources for the enjoyment of the public.

At the Community Foundation, we are fortunate to work with donors who are committed to giving back to their community every day. The role of philanthropy is essential in helping the community and its attractions thrive, and donor-advised funds can serve as the perfect giving vehicle. Learn more about donor-advised funds or contact us at info@growyourgiving.org with any questions.

Authored by: Hope Thompson, Communications Intern