Philanthropy is for Everyone: A Conversation with Anthony Shop of Social Driver Corporate Charitable Giving

Social Driver, a small digital agency headquartered in Washington, D.C., was recently named one of D.C.’s 18 most charitable companies.

Social Driver employees volunteer with LearnServe International, an organization equipping local high school students with entrepreneurial vision and leadership skills to tackle social challenges.

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Anthony Shop joined us on the Grow Your Giving podcast to talk about how even as a small company, Social Driver is able to give back and make an impact. Social Driver supports both local and national nonprofits such as the Trevor Project, an organization focused on supporting LGBTQ youth across the country.

Listen in as Anthony sits down with Susie Johnson, the Community Foundation’s Director of Donor Relations and Development, to discuss how his company empowers employees to support causes they care about deeply.

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Authored by: Ashley Hawkins, Content Specialist