Giving Team Spotlight: Katie Gray

breiby@growyourgiving.orgGiving Team Spotlight

Katie Gray, Senior Vice President of Finance and Foundation Services, leads our investment, accounting and technology teams. While Katie is responsible for the oversight of all financial operations, she loves the connections and relationships she makes in her role just as much as the technical aspects of her job.

When asked what she loves most about her job, Katie described the joy she sees in donors who are making a difference.

“I love that we’re working with people in such a happy moment of their lives,” says Katie. “I love being their cheerleader or supporter. Our job is to handle the operational aspect, and we’re good at that. But it’s just so much fun seeing our donors give back to the causes they care about.”

Additionally, Katie collaborates with wealth advisors, financial planners, attorneys and accountants to help them incorporate charitable giving into their client’s overall financial plan.

“I think many people have the desire to give but aren’t sure where to start,” says Katie. “If we can empower and enable professional advisors to suggest giving through the Community Foundation to their clients, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Our expert staff at the Community Foundation is proud to support our donors and their charitable giving. Learn more about how we can help you make a difference or contact us to get started.

Authored by: Ashley Hawkins, Content Specialist