Giving Team Spotlight: David Anderson


David Anderson, Director of Investments, considers his work with professional advisors one of the highlights of his job. David works with financial planners, wealth managers, accountants, attorneys and other professional advisors to help donors manage their charitable giving.

David oversees all investment activity of our donors’ donor-advised funds including funds that participate in our Financial Advisor Program. With a donor-advised fund, advisors can continue managing their client’s charitable assets after they are donated to the fund.

Before joining the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, David spent over 30 years in various phases of institutional investment management and personal financial planning. Having become a Chartered Financial Analyst early on, in 2008, David became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, and is currently approaching his seventh year at the Community Foundation.

David and his team at the Community Foundation often visit with professional advisors in order to achieve a better understanding of the strategies they employ along with their sense of the donor’s charitable goals.

The Community Foundation aims to maximize donors’ charitable dollars through donor-advised funds, which are invested and often managed by donors’ trusted advisors. David wants professional advisors to know that they have the unique opportunity to discuss charitable giving with their clients by including a conversation about giving in their initial and ongoing needs analysis.

From his experience in financial planning, paired with his day-to-day work at the Community Foundation, David understands that people truly enjoy giving to their communities and says professional advisors can serve as catalysts to jump-start the giving process.

“The professional advisors we work with are conscientious about the financial needs and objectives of their clients,” David said. “It is very satisfying to work with professionals who do well for their clients and do good for the community at the same time.”

David regularly meets with professional advisors across the Kansas City metro area. To discuss how you can help your clients maximize their charitable giving, contact David at or at 816.627.3407.

Authored by: Hope Thompson, Communications Intern