Staff Listing

If you have a general question or need to contact a staff member not listed here, please contact us at 816.842.0944 or

Senior Leadership

Debbie Wilkerson President & CEO 816.627.3461
Jennifer Jones Executive Assistant to the President and CEO 816.627.3401
Brenda Chumley Senior Vice President of Foundation Relations and Operations 816.627.3409
Katie Gray Senior Vice President of Finance and Foundation Services 816.627.3439

Donor Services

Audra Heyl Donor Relations Specialist 816.842.7444
Koty Jones Donor Relations Specialist 816.842.7444
Stephanie Morgan Donor Relations Specialist 816.842.7444
Brian Motl Donor Services Supervisor 816.842.7444

Development and Donor Relations

Kelli Doyle Philanthropic Advisor 816.268.3203
Jenny Erdman Philanthropic Advisor 816.627.3405
Whitney Hosty Senior Philanthropic Advisor 816.627.3441
Susie Johnson Director of Donor Relations and Development 816.627.3440
Sidney Peterson Events Associate 816.627.3414
Christopher Rigsby Philanthropic Wealth Advisor 816.627.3416
Nicole Stuke Philanthropic Advisor 816.627.3404
Megan Van Emon Corporate Counsel 816.627.3403
Gwen Wurst Senior Philanthropic Advisor 816.627.3446
Corey Ziegler Vice President & Corporate Counsel 816.627.3464

Corporate Services

LaVon Colhour Manager of Corporate Services 816.627.3400
NaTika Rowles Corporate Services Specialist 816.627.3429
Angie Stultz Corporate Services Specialist 816.627.3422


Jodi Adams Investment Accounting Supervisor 816.627.3410
David Anderson Director of Investments 816.627.3407
Trey Corbett Investment Analyst 816.627.3419


Raisa Akram Scholarship Associate 816.627.3443
Rosisella Blakney Scholarship Supervisor 816.627.3425


Afton Baxter Grantmaking Associate 816.268.3278
Sarah Forgey Program Associate 816.627.3444
Denise St. Omer Vice President of Grantmaking and Inclusion Initiatives 816.627.3417

Media Inquiries

Leanne Breiby Director of Communications 816.627.3462

Human Resources

Lisa Folscroft Director of Human Resources 816.627.3430