Engage Your Clients’ Next Generations

Use philanthropy to connect with family members

As a financial advisor, you work hard to build trusted relationships with your clients. But what about their next generations? Children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren are eager to learn about their families’ histories, priorities and values. Connecting with clients’ families now can help ensure you continue to manage assets after a wealth transfer.

You can strengthen your relationships with clients and their children and grandchildren by facilitating meaningful conversations among family members about their charitable goals. Our philanthropic advisors are here to be a resource as you create an investment plan that empowers your clients to make a lasting impact as a family unit.

Whether your clients are looking for a deep dive or a quick solution, we can work together to serve your charitable clients in several ways.

You know your clients best. You might have clients who want to engage multiple generations in a discussion of values and influences. Or, they might want a quick roadmap and solution. We can provide both, and our level of involvement is completely up to you.

There’s no cost for this service. All of it is included in the administrative fee your clients’ pay for their funds.

Interested in learning more about charitable legacy solutions?

Let's meet to discuss how you can use philanthropic assets as a bridge to work with your clients’  entire families.