Administrative Fees

Administrative fees are used exclusively to support our mission-based operations. These fees are your investment in a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to increasing charitable giving, educating and connecting donors to community needs they care about, and leading on critical community issues.

This administrative fee structure illustrates the annual cost for a donor-advised fund. These fees are assessed to the fund on a monthly basis.

The monthly fee equals one-twelfth of the annual fee, based on the average fair market value of fund assets for the month. If there are no assets in the fund for the entire month, there is no fee. For newly established funds, the annual fee is prorated over the remainder of the year. 

Fund Assets up to $7 million Annual Administrative Fee
first $500,000 1.00% or $250
(whichever is greater)
next $500,000 0.60%
next $2 million 0.30%
next $4 million 0.10%

For funds with assets in excess of $7 million, please contact us at or 816.842.7444.

Sample Fee Calculations

Fund assets of $10,000
$250 minimum fee applies
(1.00% of $10,000 is less than $250)
Total annual administrative fee = $250 ($21/month)

Fund assets of $30,000
1.00% fee on $30,000 = $300
Total annual administrative fee = $300 ($25/month)

Fund assets of $600,000
1.00% fee on the first $500,000 = $5,000
0.60% fee on the next $100,000 = $600
Total annual administrative fee = $5,600 ($467/month)

Funds may be charged for extraordinary services or direct expenses incurred on behalf of a specific fund, such as commissions for the sale of contributed stock or legal fees. For funds receiving a bequest that will be fully disbursed to one or more charities upon receipt, there will be a one-time 3% fee on such bequest.