Kids Read Now

Fund Description: 

Kids Read Now partners with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to manage grant opportunities for school districts, helping students build a solid literacy foundation that will last a lifetime and break the cycle of poverty in our communities.

Contact Person: 
Denise St. Omer / / 816.627.3417

Kids Read Now's mission is to reverse the summer reading slide for the districts it serves. Refined over five years, it represents an affordable, effective and guaranteed turn-key summer reading program for K-3 students in public, parochial and charter schools.

This proven program combines a data-driven comprehensive suite of choices, challenges and rewards to reach every student and actively engage their parents to assure students keep reading and learning over the summer. This reading slide prevention program can drastically reduce intervention costs normally spent after summer learning loss.

Although schools can easily use Title I funds to pay for this program, this matching grant is intended to help districts stretch limited Title I and district funds to begin offering this parent-centric in-home summer reading program to all students.

District grant recipients will agree to buy and run the program for three summers, using their existing spring and fall reading tests to measure longitudinal efficacy for reading literacy program analysis. In return, the grant will pay up to 50 percent of the first year’s program cost, and subsidize years two and three; effectively fully paying for one year out of three.

Application Deadline:
January 31, 2019

Kids Read Now Grant Application