Why I Give: John Bluford

“Learn, earn and return – it’s all about being meaningful.”

John Bluford uses his donor-advised fund to make impactful donations. Using his fund, he supports causes important to him in Kansas City and across the country. Learn more about John’s giving story in our “Why I Give” video series.

John Bluford is the Founder and President of the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute and has been a leader in the healthcare world throughout his career. Bluford places great importance on giving back to the community and donates to charitable causes that are important to him through the use of a donor-advised fund.

"The donor-advised fund has been very instrumental in helping me funnel money to organizations in the Kansas City metropolitan area that I admire and want to support," says Bluford.

Bluford first became familiar with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation as the president and CEO of Truman Medical Centers where he sought the expertise of the Community Foundation in setting up programs that would benefit the organization's charitable foundation.

Whether the aim is to give back to the community, establish corporate giving plans, or set up your own individual donor-advised fund, the Community Foundation has the expertise to customize a program for you.

"The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation came forward and was very helpful, very customer-service oriented. There's no doubt that the Foundation has helped me quickly get funds where I need them, when I need them to be there," says Bluford.