Three Tips to Coordinate Giving with Regional Offices

Corporate Giving Network discusses coordinating regional giving.With employees far and wide, how do companies with multiple locations organize their charitable efforts? Attendees at our most recent Corporate Giving Network pooled their ideas and shared what works for companies with offices across the map.

Tip 1: Distribute Philanthropy Budget Across All Offices

If your company has multiple offices, distribute your charitable dollars across all offices so each location can make a difference in their community. Consulting engineering firm Terracon has more than 150 offices that each have their own budget, so employees from coast to coast give back to causes they care about.

Tip 2: Create a Giving Culture

Marketing firm Global Prairie is known for giving at least 10 percent of its annual profits to charity. In addition, they also open a charitable giving account, also known as a donor-advised fund, for each employee. Right off the bat, employees know that giving back is a priority of their employer.

Tip 3: Stick to Your Brand

Google Fiber and its employees are leaders in the tech industry, and here in Kansas City, they lead the Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund that supports nonprofits with digital literacy programming to close the digital divide.

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Authored by: Sidney Peterson, Communications & Events Specialist