Resolving to Be More Philanthropic in 2017

Resolve to be more philanthropic in 2017.Common New Year’s resolutions often involve getting in shape, spending more time with friends and family and making better financial decisions. Ultimately, most of us will likely give up on our goals or forget about them altogether.

We may have more luck if we resolve to not just better ourselves, but look to help others as well. For the charitably minded, here are suggestions on how to add a little more philanthropy to your current resolutions.

Add Philanthropy to Your Diet

If you have resolved to be a healthier person, try adding a side of charitable giving to your plate. Our friends at Kern Community Foundation recently reported that giving has long-term health benefits, and can help release endorphins, improve stress management and add more years to your life.

Eat Out with Friends and Family for a Good Cause

If you are in Kansas City, consider dining out with your favorite people and doing good at the same time by enjoying a meal or two during Kansas City Restaurant Week. Every year, restaurants band together with special menus and pricing for their patrons, and proceeds benefit local charities.

Spend Your Money at Charitable Businesses

Making better financial decisions means limiting spending on unnecessary things, but we all know it’s inevitable. Many companies have a charitable aspect of their business model, so you might research your favorite brands to see what causes they care about. Consider spending your dollars at businesses that support good causes. For example, if you need new socks, buy them from the “Socks for a Cause” line from School of Sock, or purchase your dairy products from Shatto Milk, both local businesses.

By adding philanthropy to your list of resolutions, you’ll experience lasting effects that carry over to next year, and ultimately in years after.

Grow Your Giving Communications Specialist Sidney Peterson


Authored by: Sidney Peterson, Communications & Events Specialist


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