New Report on Early Education in Jackson County

Learning begins long before children enter kindergarten. In the Kansas City area, every child deserves the opportunity to enter kindergarten ready to learn, but for many families, access to high-quality early education opportunities is limited.

The Early Education Funders Collaborative aims to enhance quality and improve access to early childhood education for Kansas City area residents. The Collaborative is a joint effort of ten funders working together to make the best possible investments in Kansas City’s early childhood education services to students and families: George K. Baum Family Foundation, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Francis Family Foundation, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, Hall Family Foundation, The H & R Block Foundation, Stanley H. Durwood Foundation, United Way of Greater Kansas City, Hispanic Development Fund, and William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.

One of our initial group efforts is the Greater Kansas City Early Care and Education Study: Jackson County, Missouri. We commissioned the survey to better understand the existing early care and learning programs within Jackson County, Missouri, and to provide concrete information to use for future planning and investment. Planning is underway for studies examining early childhood education in additional Kansas City area counties.

The report includes data that will allow districts, schools, centers, funders, and supporters to better understand who is accessing early childhood services, what services are being accessed, and who is providing those services. A link to the full report is available at

We’ve provided an Executive Summary, but more detailed information and reporting are included in the full report. We hope this information informs the efforts under way in Kansas City to ensure as many children as possible enter kindergarten with the skills, information, and preparation ensuring they are ready to learn.

Special thanks to The Family Conservancy, The Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, and the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia, who conducted the survey and analysis.

So what’s next for the Early Education Funders Collaborative? We plan to support a second phase of this analysis focused on Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas in 2016. Look for that and more in this space as we continue to work toward better education and life outcomes for Kansas City children.

Authored by: The Early Education Funders Collaborative