Making Travel Meaningful

Group of Volunteers Giving Back While on VacationWhen picturing a vacation, most of us think of trips to white, sandy beaches or landmarks across the country. But for some, vacation is an opportunity to give back.

A recent study by Tourism Cares revealed that tourists are racking up volunteer hours and handing over charitable dollars to causes and organizations at their destinations. The study’s findings show that vacationing givers are likely to support the causes or organizations even upon returning home.

So, the next time you are packing your bags for a getaway, consider making room in your suitcase for in-kind donations or squeezing time in your itinerary for a volunteer project. Whether you are traveling alone or as a family, giving back to the community you are visiting will have a lasting impact on you and your destination.

Grow Your Giving Communications Specialist Sidney Peterson


Authored by: Sidney Peterson, Communications & Events Specialist

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