Good Companies Giving Back – Hermes Landscaping

This week Dalton Hermes, CEO of Hermes Landscaping, joined President & CEO Laura McKnight and Ryan Rink in the Hot Talk KCTE 1510 studio to share how he and his company give back to the community.

Hermes Landscaping has been in business since 1965, when Dalton’s father quit his sales job and bought a pickup truck and a lawnmower, hoDalton Hermesping to better provide for his six young children. Dalton grew up working with his dad, and during that time he developed an affinity for the smell of the earth and making things beautiful. When Dalton was 26 he took over the business, and he’s since taken the company from 30 employees to almost 300.

Dalton is a past board member of the Community Foundation of Johnson County, and he says it’s in his nature to give. He’s brought this giving spirit to his company, and evidence of Hermes Landscaping’s good work can be seen across the metro. The company gives its time, talent and treasure to many worthy causes. In fact, in 2009 they donated $128,000 in landscaping work and large trees to Community Living Opportunities, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with special needs.

Dalton is proud to say that Hermes Landscaping is the most giving landscaping company in Kansas City, and it’s easy to see why.

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Greater Horizons Giving Communications Manager Leanne Breiby


Authored by: Leanne Breiby, Communications Manager