This gift's a winner ... you can bank on it!

Today's high five for corporate generosity goes to the Bank of Blue Valley for its commitment to engaging employees in the future of our region. Even in a year that was not easy on banks, to say the least, Bob Regnier – and his family – stepped up to give back. The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Greater Horizons are honored that Bob is not only a member of the board of directors, but also a frequent user of the Community Foundation's products, helping spread the word about a better way to give.

corporate giving funds charity

"Like many businesses, 2009 was not a great year for the bank, and bonuses were not a possibility. We made the decision to give every employee a $100 bill from the bank and a $100 Giving Card from Ann and me. These small tokens didn’t come close to compensating for the hard work of my associates, but together with a personal note it was a way to express corporately and personally how much I value their contributions," said Bob Regnier, president and CEO of Bank of Blue Valley. "The response was very gratifying. I received a number of notes and e-mails from my associates. On a ratio of 4 or 5 to 1, their comments focused on the Giving Cards. Several went out of their way to tell me how they spent their cards and how that opportunity made the holiday season a better one for them and their families. I had a few cards left over and in the last two weeks I provided cards to two small organizations to use a raffle or silent auction items. One of the key messages we are stressing in our marketing this year is our commitment to the community and to charitable giving. How could we say that better than with a Blue Valley Giving Card? We plan to make the cards a staple in our outreach in the future."