Five Ways to Use Giving to Attract and Retain Millennial Employees

Research shows that today’s young talent – often described as Millennials or Generation Y – strongly favors socially responsible companies.Research shows that today’s young talent – often described as Millennials or Generation Y – strongly favors socially responsible companies. In 10 years, this generation will make up more than 75 percent of the workforce, and your company’s charitable giving programs will factor into the success of your recruitment and retention efforts more than ever before.

Corporate Giving Network recently assembled to discuss how companies can create a strong corporate giving culture for young and new employees.

Here are some ways your company can use philanthropy to find the best job candidates, increase job satisfaction and create a more positive work environment for all generations.

  • During the interview process, showcase your company’s giving. Be upfront and vocal about your company’s community outreach and charitable programs as soon as you can to ensure your job candidates know what your company offers.
  • Play matchmaker with new and existing employees based on their charitable interests. If employees have similar causes they care about, introduce them to one another so they can make a strong impact together.
  • Add new and young employees to your planning committees. When it comes to planning charitable events, include multiple generations and all levels of employees in the process.
  • Strengthen your internship program. Invite interns to your charitable outings. If your company provides t-shirts to commemorate these events, make sure the interns get their own. When they go back to school, they can serve as free advertisements for your company on campuses.
  • Offer a variety of opportunities during and outside the workday. Workday volunteer opportunities are great for parents and those who have busy schedules outside of normal business hours. However, young employees and empty nesters may be eager to fill evenings and weekends with charitable activities.

Overall, it is vital for your company to value new and existing employees, and a great way to connect with them is on a charitable level. Support employees’ philanthropic endeavors and give them an outlet in your workplace to share their charitable achievements.

Grow Your Giving Communications Specialist Sidney Peterson


Authored by: Sidney Peterson, Communications & Events Specialist