Family Experiences Create Memorable Holidays

The Hip Family's Guide to Happier Holidays by Lisa Parker“We needed to be more purposeful -- more intentional -- about our time and money, and spending them in ways that would enrich us, remind us of our bounty, and bring more joy to our family and communities.”

At this time of the year, our lives become increasingly busier. Whether we are rushing to prepare our favorite holiday meal or booking our calendars full of get-togethers, sometimes we lose sight of what the holiday season is all about.

Lisa Parker, founder of Family Circle Advisors, created “The Hip Family’s Guide to Happier Holidays” to help families create more meaningful holiday experiences. Dividing what makes the holidays special into three categories, Parker provides many examples of activities your family could adopt.

  • Rituals and Traditions
  • Giving and Service
  • Good Gifting

As Parker says, if you are looking to “bust busy” as the year comes to an end, download a free copy of “The Hip Family’s Guide to Happier Holidays,” and “take the ideas that delight you and discard the rest so your holiday is made up of fewer things to ‘get through’ and more experiences to savor.”

To download a free copy of "The Hip Family's Guide to Happier Holidays" PDF, click here.

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