Almost as good as a crystal ball


Most of us spend at least a little time each day planning for the future, whether that future is five minutes away or five years from now. I did a little future planning on Saturday at Ann’s basketball game as Eva prepared for her future as a basketball star. What will I fix for dinner tonight (translation, what drive thru window is closest)? What needs to be done next week at work? What charitable gifts should Clay and I make out of our fund in 2010? And, of course, pondering at what point in the future it will ever stop snowing. 


That third one is pretty easy when you work with the Community Foundation, where you can take advantage of a charitable investment planning tool to coordinate your future charitable gifts a year or more at a time. That’s certainly part of the fun and convenience of having a personal, business or family foundation fund, regardless of whether your annual charitable giving adds up to hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars. Click here to find out how to organize giving through your very own fund or, if you already have a fund, click here to get started on your own charitable investment planner.

You can indeed be a winner at the game of giving without jumping through hoops to get there!

Former President & CEO Laura McKnight


 Authored by: President & CEO Laura McKnight