All 4 1, one for all

Ann picked number 41 for her basketball jersey this year. How nice of her to select the number that matches her mother’s age! Truth be told, she wanted number 14, but it was taken, so she just reversed the digits.

Actually, upon reflection, what a smart girl! She clearly knows that the Community Foundation team believes that every donation to charity is important, whether it is $25, $25,000, or $25 million. When it comes to giving back, the hundreds of families, individuals and businesses who organize their giving through a corporate, personal or family fund know that no gift is too small or too large to make a difference. And no gift is too small or too large to capture through your fund. It’s all tracked for you, with easy and secure online access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aren’t you glad you are part of the Community Foundation? We are all in this together, all for one, one for all, all 4 1, and 1 4 all. That’s just a better way to give.

Former President & CEO Laura McKnight


 Authored by: President & CEO Laura McKnight


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