VMLY&R Foundation Celebrates $2 Million in Giving

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VMLY&R, a global marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Kansas City, established the VMLY&R Foundation at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation in 2005. The VMLY&R Foundation recently surpassed $2 million in giving back to the communities where VMLY&R employees live and work.

This incredible milestone comes at a special time of year for the VMLY&R Foundation. September serves as the VMLY&R Foundation’s annual Foundation Month and will culminate with Worldwide Foundation Day when VMLY&R offices around the world close for the day so employees can spend the day volunteering in their communities.

The Community Foundation is thrilled to celebrate this giving milestone with the VMLY&R Foundation. We are honored to serve as the VMLY&R Foundation’s charitable giving partner, and we’re excited to host John Mulvihill, Executive Director of the VMLY&R Foundation, on the Grow Your Giving podcast.

Listen in as John sits down with the Community Foundation’s Manager of Corporate Services LaVon Colhour to discuss the success of the VMLY&R Foundation.

Please note, this podcast was recorded prior to the announcement of the recently renamed agency, VMLY&R.

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Authored by: Ashley Hawkins, Content Specialist