Celebrating Legacy on Grandparents’ Day

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Every year, we honor grandparents by celebrating Grandparents’ Day in early September. For many grandchildren, it is a fun-filled day with some of their greatest role models, their grandparents. For many grandparents, it is a very meaningful day with some of their favorite people, their grandchildren.

Passing along family values to grandchildren is an important life goal of many grandparents. But how do you do that and where do you start?

Here are a few ways grandparents can ensure their legacy is shared across generations.

  • Storytelling: Sit down with your children, grandchildren, and perhaps great-grandchildren, and learn each other’s stories. Ask questions and share your life experiences, good and bad. What is a fond memory from childhood? What is a hardship you experienced?
  • Discuss Values: Engage in conversations about your values. What important decisions have you made that future generations might learn from?
  • Spend Time Together: Time together creates memories for both grandparents and grandchildren. As grandparents, spending time with grandchildren volunteering for causes and organizations you are passionate about can show the next generation what is important to you.
  • Share Your Giving: Discussing charitable giving helps the next generations to understand your goals and aspirations. Each family chooses to share their financial picture and approach their giving in different ways. Sharing your charitable accomplishments and goals across generations can ensure your legacy is formed now and sustained in years to come.

If you would like guidance ensuring your charitable legacy is passed along to the next generation or generations to come, contact our philanthropic advisors to discuss our charitable legacy solutions at info@growyourgiving.org or 816.842.0944.

Authored by: Gwen Wurst, Senior Philanthropic Advisor