A corporate giving program impacts a company's bottom line and its presence in the marketplace. Simply put, companies that give back are companies that move forward.

Studies prove that a company's ties to a community cause return benefits not only to the communities where customers and employees live and work but also to the company itself.

The Facts*

  • 93% of Americans say that they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.
  • 89% of Americans said they would switch brands or retailers based on associations with a good cause, when price and quality are equal.
  • 82% of Americans consider a company's social and environmental commitment before deciding where to shop or what to buy.

*2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study

Choosing to work with the Community Foundation, a national leader in providing corporate giving services, provides greater efficiencies. The Community Foundation's services empower a business to consolidate internal resources to reduce overhead and save money.

  • Maximize a company's charitable giving potential.
  • Provide opportunities for stronger, more focused brand-building among customers, employees and the community.
  • Promote healthier, more livable and economically viable communities.

Corporate giving doesn't just create more loyal customers. It also makes employees feel good. Every day, the Community Foundation helps companies and their employees make a positive impact in Kansas City and throughout the world. The benefits are plenty when you establish or build on a corporate giving program with the Community Foundation.